[update on writing coming soon.. ]

mouth mouth, 2018

exhibition text for 'mouth mouth' 
with artists ceel mogami de haas, miriam kongstad, toon fibbe & laura wiedijk 
at BIKINI SPACE, basel 2018

sentimental soX, 2018

text for TAKE NOTE SOFT Hands SOFT hands publication
Rotterdam, 2018

orange that dots the i, 2018

text- / quote- / note- book 
for pears books, melbourne 2018

(((;)>  pigeon guano, 2018

text for artist ida lennartson’s publication
of writings to be sent by post, berlin 2018

to the skin on boiled milk, 2017-(ongoing)

excerpt of text in poetry & art publication ‘how to become a body double’ issue #1
dear queer press, the cheapest university, paris 2017

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