Certainly (certainly), 2023
book of poems co-written with Jordi Infeld

148 x 210 mm
chicago screw, folio cover
first edition, edition of 115, numbered
published by no more poetry, Melbourne, 2023

Melbourne, 21 May 2023 ~ launched at NGV Art Book Fair.html

Sydney, 28 May 2023 ~ launched at KNULP.html

visual poem in Pebble #4, 2022

with Michelle Nikou, Aodhan Madden, Jessie Bullivant, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Rachel Schenberg, Tom Blake

in Pebble #4
an occasional, short-run, visual poetry mail out (hard copy) edited by Mitchel Cumming and Mitch Cairns

'Gareth Morgan's Dear Eileen and Harry Reid's the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend'
Review in Cordite Poetry Review, 2021

the box was like the dice it held (ode to chance), 2021

poem written as part of the exhibition Cooking With John (curated by Amalia Lindo + Jacqueline Stojanović)
at Haydens, Melbourne, 2021

double-sided A4 riso-print
design & print by Adam Cruickshank
edited by Tim Coster

'Missing box, loose shoe.'
essay in Un 15.1: Surplus (ed. Snack Syndicate), 2021

written for un Magazine's 15.1 issue on Surplus, edited by Snack Syndicate
published online and in print in Melbourne, 2021

written as part of Otherwise Possibilities, a Critical Art Writing workshop led by Astrid Lorange via Free Association
published online by Free Association in Melbourne, 2021

'cc: mug (on the work of Ian Milliss)'
essay-poem in Terms & Conditions Compendium, 2019

written for Adam Cruickshank's work Terms & Conditions 
in the exhibition BOOKWORKS at MUMA, Melbourne, 2019
published by True Belief in Melbourne, 2019

quail eggs eaten from the hand in fog make everything aphrodisiac, 2019

written in Rotterdam, autumn 2018
published by True Belief in Melbourne, 2019

                  on boiled milk
to the skin                        
, 2019

written during sabrina soyer's how to become... workshop at The Cheapest University, Paris
first published in how to become a body double, DQ press, autumn 2017

re-published by True Belief in Melbourne, 2019

mouth mouth, 2019

written to accompany the exhibition mouth mouth
with artists Ceel Mogami de Haas, Miriam Kongstad, Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk
at BIKINI Space in Basel, CH, Summer 2019

re-published by True Belief in Melbourne, 2019

'sentimental soX'
in TAKE NOTE SOFT Hands SOFT hands, 2018

orange that dots the i, 2018

published by PEARS Books in Melbourne, 2018

(if you would like one, there are a few copies left – e-mail me!)

'(((;)>  pigeon guano'
in Guano, 2018

text for Guano, a project of guano-themed writings to be sent by post
published by Ida Lennartson in Berlin, 2018

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